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I am Shelja Garg born and brought up in Haryana, India. Currently Living (Residing) in California with my loving husband (Ashish Garg) and adorable Son (Adhyansh Garg), who is just   3  4 years old.

I am also like other housewives who learned to cook after marriage. I helped my mother in the kitchen on few occasions before marriage but never prepare dishes on my own. After marriage when I came to the USA for my husband project I did not know much about cooking. That’s when I started searching the blog to try new recipes. I used to call my mother initially to prepare even basic dishes. I learned a lot from my Mom and MIL and very grateful to them for being very patient with me.

 In this blog, am going to publish recipes which I learned from my Mom, website, Recipes books and TV Shows. I usually cook the only vegetarian recipe with the exception of Egg so in my blog, you will find the same. All recipes are already tasted and tested on my family members.

This blog is totally dedicated to my Family & Friends, especially to my husband who is the big foodie and always enjoy my food and encourage me to try new recipes. This blog idea came from one of our friends who suggested me to start my own blog.

I would like to thank each and every person who visits my blog. If you like my recipe please like, share and send me the photos of your tried recipes. I would love to hear from you!

Please feel free to ask any question or any suggestions. You can always reach me at sheljaskitchen@gmail.com


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