Yellow Dal Fry/How to make Dhaba style Yellow Dal Fry

29 Nov, 2017
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  • Servings : 4 people
  • Prep Time : 10 min
  • Cook Time : 30 min

Dhaba style dal is one of the most popular dal in dhaba or restaurants. Dhaba style dal prepared in many ways (dhaba style yellow dal and dhaba style black dal) but cooking style remains the same in all fry dals

Dhaba style Yellow dal is made from Arhar dal (yellow lentils) and chana dal (Chickpeas). In this dish, desi ghee (melted butter) is used for tempering which gives nice richness to the dal.

Like Dal Makhani and Dal Bukhara, many people think Dal Fry and Dal Tadka are alike but it’s not the same. In Dal Fry, the first dal is boiled and then a base mixture of onion, tomato with the flavor of garlic is prepared in ghee and added to the cooked dal. On the other hand, in dal tadka, dal is boiled along with onion, tomato and chilly and then tadka tempering with desi ghee, cumin seeds, asafetida and whole red chilly added to dal.

Dhaba style yellow dal is made from Arhar dal (yellow lentils) and chana dal (Chickpeas). In this dish, desi ghee (melted butter) is used for tempering that gives nice richness to the dal. It is the best accompaniment serve with Zeera Rice and plain Roti.


  • Tovar Dal ½ cup
    Chana Dal ½ cup
    Salt to taste
    Turmeric ¼ tsp.
    Onion 1 small
    Tomato 1 medium
    Ginger ½ ‘’
    Green Chilies 2
    Garlic 5-6 cloves
    Cumin Seeds ½ tsp.
    Cinnamon sticks 1 small
    Cloves 2
    Coriander Powder ½ tsp.
    Oil 1 tbsp.+2 tsp.
    Melted butter/Desi ghee 1 tbsp
    Red chilly whole 1
    Asafetida 1/8 tsp.
    Red chilly powder ¼ tsp.


Step 1

Combine both lentils in the bowl and wash them under running water till water runs clear. Soak them for 30 mins.

Step 2

In the pressure cooker, add soaked lentil along with 2 cups of water, salt, and turmeric powder.

Step 3

Pressure cook till the 3-4 whistle. Meantime chop the onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and green chilly.

Step 4

In a pan (I have used kadai), heat desi ghee and oil. Add cumin seeds and saute it for 30 seconds. Now add ginger, garlic and green chilly and saute it again for 30-40 sec or raw flavor of garlic goes away.

Step 5

Add chopped onion and cook them till it becomes translucent. Add chopped tomato and saute to make it soft.

Step 6

Add garam masala and coriander powder and mix it well. Cook till masala leaves the sides.

Step 7

Now open the cooker and check whether lentils are cooked or not. Lightly mash the lentils with the masher and transfer it to the Kadai (onion-tomato mixture).

Step 8

Mix it well. Add water if needed. It should be the runny consistency. Adjust the seasoning and let it boil for 5-7 min then add coriander leaves

Step 9

For Tempering: heat a small pan over medium heat and add asafetida and whole red chilly saute it for 30 sec and then pour into the Fry dal. Mix it well and switch off the flame. Drizzle some chilly oil if you want. Dal fry is ready to serve.

Serve dal fry with plain rice, zeera rice or chapatti.


1. Out of moong dal, chana dal, tuvar dal and masoor dal. You can take any two dals as the combination, but in restaurant chana dal and Tuvar (Arahar) dal is used for yellow dal fry.

2. I like cinnamon and clove flavor in my dal if you don’t like, feel free to skip.

3. I have used chopped ginger garlic but you can use ginger-garlic paste as well. Fresh ginger garlic gives nice aroma in the dish.

4. Chilly oil: Take one tbsp. desi ghee and 1 tsp of red chilly powder in the small mixing bowl and mix together. Chilly oil is ready.

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