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23 Dec, 2017
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  • Servings : 10 cup
  • Prep Time : 5 min
  • Cook Time : 1 hr

The stock is a liquid flavored extract from vegetable, seafood, bones, and chicken, used as the base of soups, sauces, and other dishes. Stock, generally, always involves bones, simmered for a long time to extract their gelatin and flavor.

Vegetable stock: In vegetable stock no bones to cook, so the richness of the stock comes from the variety of vegetables and herbs which simmered for a long time to extract the flavor. We should always use fresh veggies as your vegetable stock. I have read in many cookbooks that they suggest using leftover veggies but don’t agree as I observed, it does not give rich and maximum flavor in the stock.

Making stock at home is one of the easiest ways to amplify the flavor in your recipes. Homemade stock always tastes better than boxed and canned. Whenever I made vegetable stock, my whole house is aroused with a fantastic aroma.

Basic Vegetable Stock:  The basic recipe includes carrots, onions, celery, garlic, tomato, cabbage, and mushrooms You can also include parsley, spring onion, and ginger. You are open to use any fresh seasonal vegetable to make vegetable stock.

Clear Stock: Clear Stock and vegetable stock almost same. The ingredient used in both are same but in clear stock, we just stain the boil vegetable water without pressing them.

Here is a recipe for Vegetable stock/Clear Stock:


  • Onion 1 large
    Carrot 2
    Capsicum ½ medium
    Celery 2 sticks
    Cabbage 1 cup
    Parsley a handful
    Mushroom 1 cup (5)
    Bay leaves 2
    Garlic 3 cloves
    Spring Onion 2 stalk
    Ginger 2’ inch
    Tomato 1 medium
    Water 10 cup
    Oil 1 tsp.


Step 1

Wash all the vegetables. Peel the skin from the onion. Roughly chop all the vegetables. In a large saucepan, heat 1 tsp. of oil and add garlic and bay leaves. Saute it for 30 sec.

Step 2

Then add carrot and saute it for 30 sec.

Step 3

Add mushroom, capsicum and tomato

Step 4

Add cabbage, onion, spring onion, celery, and parsley. Saute it for 1 min & pour 10 cups of water.

Step 5

Let it boil on high flame then reduce the heat. Cover it and simmer for 1 hrs. Remove from heat and allow to cool down slightly Strain through a fine mesh strainer.

Step 6

Extract the maximum juice by pressing the boiling vegetable (As shown in the picture) to make vegetable stock.

Clear Stock: Follow the recipe to 5th step for the clear stock. Clear stock is ready to use as base of soups and sauces

Vegetable stock is ready to use as the base for soups, sauces, and curries. You can keep it in the refrigerator for 3-4 days and freeze for 3 months.


1. You can use cilantro instead of using parsley.

2. A bay leaf enhances the flavor of the stock.

3. You can add any vegetable of your choice just avoid to add the starchy vegetable like potato, sweet potato, lady figure.

4. Leftover boiled vegetables could be used for making the vegetable cutlet.

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