Quinoa Rice/How to make Quinoa Rice

14 Jun, 2017
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  • Servings : 2
  • Prep Time : 10 min
  • Cook Time : 20 min

Quinoa is a good gluten-free source of protein, iron, and fiber.  It is a good substitute for rice though the taste is not good as rice but if we talk about the nutritious value that is even more than brown rice and barley. This can be used instead of rice or barley, make a fantastic side dish, salad, cutlets, burger and Indian rice varieties.

Cooking of quinoa is as simple as rice. Quinoa can be cook in Rice cooker by using 2:1 ratio of water and rice. It increases to 3 times in size when cooked, that’s why it is lighter than any other grains.


  • Quinoa 1 Cup
    Water 2 Cups
    Oil 1tsp
    Salt ½ tsp


Step 1

Rinse the quinoa under water for 2 min; there is a bitter coating on the tiny seeds, which can make taste wrong. Drain excess water through the fine strainer.

Step 2

Place a saucepan over high heat and pour 2 cups of water, 1 tsp of oil and ½ tsp of salt. Let it come to boil.

Step 3

Once it starts boiling add rinsed quinoa. let it come to boil again then reduce the flame to low and cover with a lid.

Step 4

Let it cooks for 15 min or until it becomes fluffy and delicate. 1. Switch off the flame and allow sitting for 5 min with lid on. After 5 min removes the lid and fluffs the quinoa gently with a fork.

Quinoa Rice is ready to use with curry or as a main ingredient of salad.


1. Rinsed the quinoa is very important step because quinoa has the bitter coating that needs to be rinsed away otherwise it going to taste bitter.

2. If there any water remains in the bottom of the pan or quinoa is the bit crunchy, cover the lid and cook another 5 min, until all the water absorb.

3. You can use this fluffy quinoa as itself with any curry or can use any other form of cutlet, salad or any other Indian style pilaf.

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