Pista Kulfi/How to make Pista Kulfi

05 Jun, 2017
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  • Servings : 6-7 people
  • Prep Time : 6-7 hrs
  • Cook Time : 45 min

Kulfi is traditional frozen dessert from Indian cuisine. Kulfi made from evaporating the milk cooking on slow heat until It becomes one-third (thick) from its original quantity.

Kulfi can be prepared in different ways like we prepared ice cream but it is denser and solid, unlike ice cream. In Ice cream, we whipped the cream however in kulfi we evaporate the milk.

Traditionally kulfi is set on the earthen pots over the ice cubes because everyone cannot afford refrigerator in old times. In Old Delhi street/ North Indian Marriage and other popular events, they still serve kulfi in the earthen pot. Earthen pot lends the special flavor to the kulfi

Today I have prepared Pista Kulfi: this kulfi is made of loads of pistachio. In this recipe, I have used chopped pistachio and grounded pistachio. I have added whip cream to the simmering milk to give creamy texture in the kulfi and use corn-starch for thickening the kulfi. I have used traditional ways to thicken the milk but you can use the fastest way to by adding condensed milk. I have not added any food color if you want can add green color as pistachio has the green color.

Variations: you can make pistachio in many variations by adding either rose water, rose petal, or kewra essence. You can prepare this delicious nutty flavor ice cream in advance and can serve/have for 4-5 days as dessert

Let’s start making Pista Kulfi


  • Milk 5 cup
    Sugar ½ cup+2 tbsp.
    Almond 8-10 Chopped
    Pistachio 8-10
    Saffron 7-8 threads
    Cardamom pods 4-5
    Full Cream ¼ cup
    Corn Starch 1 tsp.
    Pistachio Grind 2 tbsp.


Step 1

In a small bowl, add saffron thread and 2 tbsp. of warm milk. Mix it well and keep it side. In the mortar & Pestle add cardamom seeds and grind it.

Step 2

Place heavy bottom sauce pan on a medium heat. Add milk and let it come to boil. Once the milk comes to boil, reduce heat and add fresh cream.

Step 3

Let the milk simmer and Stir continuously with a spatula until half of its original quantity is remaining and then add saffron milk.

Step 4

Add cardamom powder. Stir it.

Step 5

Add slivered almond and pistachio. In another small bowl add cornstarch and milk. Mix it well.

Step 6

Add cornstarch milk and sugar in the boiling milk

Step 7

Stir it until sugar dissolves completely. Switch off the flame and let it cool down at room temperature. Once it comes to room temperature add grounded pistachio and mix it.

Step 8

Now pour the thickened milk into the ice cream mold/Popsicles and if you don’t have popsicles you can pour them into regular food grade container (like I have done). Cover it with lid.

Step 9

Now freeze the kulfi for 8-9 hrs until firm. Once kulfi become firm or while serving run the mold under running water to enable easy release on the plate and serve

Serve chilled Pistachio kulfi


1. I have used paper glass as popsicles mold and cover with aluminum foil.

2. While simmering the milk, stir the milk occasionally to avoid burning at the bottom of the pan.

3. You can skip the corn starch then you need to reduce the milk 1/3rd of its original quantity.

4. As I have used paper glass so inserted the wooden sticks once it becomes solid.


If you happen to make it do click pictures and send it to me as a message on my FB page sheljaskitchen or email me at sheljasktichen@gmail.com so that I can features it on my facebook page.

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