Mawa Cigar/How to make Mawa cigar/ Mawa Roll

02 Mar, 2018
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  • Servings : 36 rolls
  • Prep Time : 20 min
  • Cook Time : 40 min

As a true Indian by heart and Global Citizen, I very much know that any festival in India is not complete without sweets irrespective of different regions. Today, I experiment with a different kind of sweet given it fusion taste. Mawa Cigar is fusion version of Indian Traditional dessert Gujiya. This cigar is called fusion version of gujiya as I have used the outer layer of phyllo sheet whereas in India outer layer prepared at home and it always in crescent shape.

In Mawa/Gujiya Cigar, Inner filling remains same as we do in traditionally gujiya but for the outer layer, I have used phyllo sheet and give the cigar shape.

Stuffing:  Inner filling is made from mawa, desiccated coconut with dry fruits. Some people use desiccated and others avoid to use it but it gives a nice flavor to the dish. I have used nutmeg powder to give distinct flavor which is totally optional. This filling is extremely simple to make.  For this recipe, I have used store bought mawa but will highly recommend you to use homemade mawa to give a nice texture.

Outer layer: I have used readymade phyllo sheet for the outer layer of the cigar.  You can find them in the fridge section of your supermarket. I have used half packed of phyllo sheet to make 36 cigars.  You need to thaw them before using it. Once your inner stuffing is ready then cut phyllo sheet in 2-inch-wide as shown in the picture.

Slurry: Slurry helps to seal the edges of the cigar but again it's optional as you are baking your cigar.

Cooking/Baking: Cigar can be prepared by frying or baking. I have to bake them so I did not seal the edges from all the sides if you are planning to fry them please see notes -point 4

Glaze: After baking, I have to pour sugar syrup on the top of the cigar to give nice glaze to cigar. Adding syrup will not make them too sugary.


  • Mawa 1cup Grated
    Milk 2 tbsps.
    Cashew Nut 8-10
    Almond 8-10
    Raisins 8-10
    Pistachio 8-10
    Desiccated Coconut ¼ cup
    Cardamom powder ½ tsp.
    Sugar ¼ cup
    Saffron 4-5 strands
    Butter 1 tbsp

Sugar Syrup

  • Sugar ½ cup
    Water ¼ cup
    Cardamom powder ½ tsp.
    Saffron 2-3 threads

Slurry Paste:

  • All purpose flour 4 tbsp
    Water 2-3 tbsp.


Step 1

Inner Stuffing: Crumble or grate the khoya/Mawa and chop the nuts.

Step 2

Heat a pan in low flame and add khoya. I have used store bought khoya so need to add 2 tbsp of milk. Store bought khoya always have dense consistency but we need granulated consistency of khoya is required.

Step 3

Stir the khoya on low flame till it begins to gather around. Switch off the flame and let the khoya stuffing cool down.

Step 4

Then add chopped nuts, saffron, cardamom powder and sugar. Mix everything well and transfer the stuffing in the bowl and keep it aside

Step 5

Sealing Paste: In a bowl, add all purpose flour and water. Stir very well to make a thick paste with out any lumps.

Step 6

Before starting with next step preheat the over at 375 f. Cut the phyllo sheet into 2-inch-wide and return the rest of phyllo sheet in the box. In each cut, there are total 18 sheets, take out one sheet and rest cover with damp cloth.

Step 7

Place the phyllo sheet in the workplace and place 1 tbsp of stuffing on one side.

Step 8

Gently but tightly roll them till the end. (as shown in the picture). Apply some sealing paste with your fingertips and seal the end part of the roll. Melt the butter in the small bowl/pan.

Step 9

Grease the baking pan with butter and place cigar in the baking tray.

Step 10

Brush each cigar with butter. Place the baking tray in preheated oven for 25 min or until cigar become golden

Step 11

Meanwhile, as cigars are getting baked, let's prepare sugar syrup. In a pan add water, sugar, cardamom powder and saffron.

Step 12

Let it cook for 7-8 min in medium to high heat. Once cigar becomes golden, take them out of the oven.

Step 13

Immediately pour the sugar syrup top of them.

The cigar is ready to serve. Serve these cigars with tea or can gift these goodies to your loved one during celebrations/Festivals


1. No need to add milk If using homemade khoya.

2. Spread mawa mixture in a thin strip, clearing 1 cm away from the sides on the right and left. Fold the two sides over the mixture to hold it in on both sides and roll away to create cigar shape. Last 1 cm of cigar spread the slurry paste and fold to seal. Like we make spring rolls

3. You should cover the remaining sheet with cloth/tissue otherwise it becomes hard to work with them

4. This method is the baked version of the cigar so I didn't seal the other two corner but if your planning to deep fried them make sure other 2 corners also sealed with slurry paste.

5. You can add any other flavor too in the syrup like nutmeg, rose flavor

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