Mango Shake/How to make Mango Shake

27 Apr, 2017
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  • Servings : 2
  • Prep Time : 15 min

Mango shake is a rich, creamy, thick and yummy drink made with mango and milk. Mango shake is not my favorite; I don’t like mangoes however both Ashi and Addy loves mangoes a lot. They are madly loving the mango shake.  My junior “A” can even have mangoes as a full meal.

Mango Shake Variations: Mango shake can be prepared with many variations like by adding cardamom powder or saffron or maybe both.  I have added whipped cream; we can add Ice cream too. You can add coconut milk or almond milk instead of cow’s milk for Vegan options. You can use any mangoes but should be fleshy and sweet. Sour mango does not give good taste.

Mango shake needs only a few ingredients and can be prepared instantly and easy to make by all age groups. Even my junior "A", who is just 4 ½ years old, knows the recipe of mango shake.



  • Mango Puree/Mangoes 1 ½ cups/1 large
    Sugar/honey 2 tbsp.
    Milk 1 ½ cups
    Fresh cream 2 tbsp. (optional)


Step 1

Wash, peel and chopped the mangoes. Add chopped mango and sugar in the blender and blend it to make a smooth paste. Then pour chilled milk.

Step 2

Blend it again. Now add cream and blend it again until smooth. There should not be mango chunk.

Serve it cold in glass and serve immediately.


1. You should add chilled milk otherwise it will curdle and won’t give good taste.

2, We like thick shake if you don’t then add more milk.

3, Reduce and adjust the sugar level according to the sweetness of mangoes.

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  1. Comment Author

    Posted by: Krateedhingra on 28 Apr, 2017

    Hey jst wanted to knw can we use amul cream in place of wipped cream for both shake and ice cream

    • Reply

      posted by Shelja on 30 Apr, 2017

      Thanks Krateedhingra for stopping by on my web page. Yeah, you can use Amul cream instead of whipping cream.