Mango Puree/How to make Mango puree at home

25 Apr, 2017
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  • Servings : 1 cup
  • Prep Time : 10 min

Mango puree/Mango pulp is very base of very popular dishes/drinks like Mango lassi, Cake (Mango cheesecake, Mango cake), sweets (Mango shrikhand), Shakes (Mango shake, Mango Banana shake) and much more.

Mango puree is easily available in any supermarket or prepared at home. I always like to prepare mango puree at home and it takes only couples of minutes. Peel and pit the mangoes, add these mango chunks in the blender along with sugar and then blend.

Large Quantity Storage: You can make a puree in the large quantity and then store it in the freezer to use it off-season. As you have heard slogan “off season mai bhi le Aam ka Mazza”. While storing just add 1 tbsp. of lemon juice as preservation.

Mango Puree tastes good if using Alphanso mango but you have a choice to use of any other mango too.


  • Mango 2
    Sugar 3 tbsp or as required


Step 1

Choose the ripe mango. Wash them and peel the skin and then cut it into small sizes. In the blender, add mango chunks along with sugar and blend it until it makes a smooth consistency. You can add 2 tbsps. of water if needed.

Mango puree is ready to use. you can store them in Ice cube container for later use.


1. Adding sugar depends on the sweetness of mango. If mangoes are sweet can add less sugar.

2. Always tastes the mango and if tastes sour then add more sugar.

3. If using frozen mango then thaw them properly before using.



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