Mango Ice cream/How to make Mango Icecream

25 Apr, 2017
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  • Servings : 4 serves
  • Prep Time : 7-8 hrs

Mango Ice cream is always the best choice as dessert at my home during summer; already mentioned both “A” loves Mango a lot.

Mango Ice cream is so creamy, rich and soft and better than to store bought ice cream. Homemade ice cream has real fresh mango flavor which makes is delicious and give exotic flavor. 

This mango ice cream is made from only 4 ingredients: Mango Puree, Whipping Cream, Condensed milk, and milk. It takes only 15 min, no need of any machine, no cooking requires. Just whip these 4 ingredients together and freeze, blend and then freeze, delicious mango ice cream is ready.

The best part you can remove the crystals by freezing and blending method which I have used in my all ice cream and Fro-yo recipes. This way ice cream makes fluffier, creamier and soft

Let’s start making scrumptious mango ice cream



  • Mango Puree 2 cup
    Whipping Cream/Fresh cream 1 ½ cup
    Condensed milk 1 tin


Step 1

Add whipping cream in the blender and blend it become soft peak are formed. Once you get soft peaks, add Mango puree.

Step 2

Add condensed milk. Then blend it till all mix together nicely.

Step 3

Pour this mixture into ice-cream container, cover it and freeze for 5-6 hrs Then take out the container from the freezer

Step 4

Cut into pieces, add in the blender and blend till it becomes creamier and liquid form. It will help to remove the ice crystal form on the top on ice-cream. Pour back into ice container, cover it with lid and freeze till it set completely.

Scoop it out and serve immediately.


1. I have prepared fresh mango puree, you can use store-bought instead.

2. Make sure you don’t overbeat the cream else it will curdle and butter will start to separate.

3. Freezing and then blending is optional. if you want to like and fluffy Ice cream then I will suggest to do freezing and then blend. I like fluffy and light ice cream so I have done.

4. I have not used any sugar because sweet condensed milk is enough for sweetness

5. You can use milk powder and sugar instead of condensed milk.

6. You can use normal plastic or steel container instead of ice cream container but make sure cover it with plastic wrap.

7. For rich mango ice cream makes sure you use full-fat whip cream.

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