Mango Froyo/How to make Mango Frozen Yogurt

04 Jun, 2017
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  • Servings : 4-5 People
  • Prep Time : 8-9 hrs

Mangos are one of my family favorite fruits especially my junior “A’ loves anything made from Mango and sugar. He has a very Sweet tooth. He always demands Mangoes dessert so I am getting my hands on trying different mango recipes for him.

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Today I have prepared mango frozen yogurt for him. Frozen yogurt is lighter and healthier option than ice cream since it made from hung curd instead of cream. Hung curd gives is creamy and thick texture. However, if you still want creamier texture then whole Greek yogurt is the best choice.


  • Mango Puree 1 ½ cup
    Yogurt 1 cup
    Sugar/Honey ½ cup/ ¼ cup
    Fresh Lime juice 1 tsp.
    Lime zest 1/8 tsp.
    Pistachio for garnish


Step 1

In the mixing bowl, place the strainer lined with a muslin cloth and pour 1 cup of yogurt and keep aside for 60-90 min to separate the extra whey from the yogurt. Meanwhile, gather all the ingredient. I have prepared my mango puree from 3 large mangoes. In the Mixing, add Yogurt and mango puree and blend it to make a puree.

Step 2

Add Sugar and Lime juice, blend it.

Step 3

Add lime zest and blend it again to make a smooth puree.

Step 4

Pour the mixture into the ice cream container, cover it and freeze it for 5 hrs.Take out the container from the freezer and pour the mixture into the blender.

Step 5

Blend it again until soft. This will give smoother and creamier texture into the Mango Froyo and get rids of icy layer. Then freeze it again for 5 hrs.

Step 6

Mango Fro yo is ready to serve. Thaw for a couple of minutes before serving. Scoop out the Fro-yo and garnish with Pistachio.


1. Alphonso mangoes are recommended but you can use any types of mangoes.

2. Adding sugar depends on the sweetness of mangoes.

3. Adding lime zest is optional.

4. Hung the curd fro at least 1 hrs to remove extra whey otherwise, it will not become creamier.

5. Freeze and blend, freeze and blend help to make creamier Fro-Yo. It helps to remove ice crystals.


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