How to make Dhokla/Instant Dhokla

21 Apr, 2017
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  • Servings : Shelja Garg
  • Prep Time : 15 min
  • Cook Time : 18 min

Dhokla is irresistible Gujrati savory snack, which is traditionally made from Bengal gram (Chana Dal). It required 5 – 6 hrs. soaking and 5 -6 hrs. for fermentation if prepared in this way. So it required around 10 -12 hrs. of preparation in advance.

Nowadays dhokla can be prepared within 15 – 20 min. In this Instant Version, Dhokla we use Chickpea flour (besan) and Eno. Eno is a fruit salt, which is composed of citric acid and baking soda, which helps to make a spongy dhokla.

Since dhokla is made from chickpea flour it is a very healthy snack, very high in protein and carbohydrate.

Dhokla has all snacks flavor in it; it is tangy, sweet and spicy.  The texture is so soft, spongy and delicious.

Tempering: Dhokla tempering in most important part of dhokla preparation. Tempering gives a distinct flavor of tangy, sweet and spicy because we add chilies, lemon, and sugar in it. In North India, water is also used in tempering, which gives watery spongy texture and amazing taste in dhokla.


  • Besan 1 ½ cup
    Semolina 2 Tbsp
    Yogurt ¾ cup
    Water ¼ cup
    Turmeric Powder 1/8 tsp/ 2 Pinch
    Green Chilly 2 No.
    Ginger 1’’
    Sugar 1 Tsp
    Lemon Juice 1.5 tsp
    Eno 1 tsp
    Salt To taste
    Asafetida A pinch


  • Mustard Seeds 1 Tsp
    Green Chilly 4-5
    Oil 1 Tbsp
    Salt ½ tsp
    Sugar 1 tsp
    Lemon Juice ½ tsp
    Curry leaves 3-4 leaves
    Coconut Scrapped 1 Tbsp
    Coriander leaves 1 Tbsp
    Water 1 1/2 cup


Step 1

Grind the ginger and green chilies in the mortar & pestle. Beat the curd to make a smooth consistency.

Step 2

In a large bowl; add besan, Rava (Semolina or Suji) and curd. Mix it well till all the lumps removed.

Step 3

Add water little at a time to make a pouring consistency. Now add green chilies and ginger paste, Turmeric and asafoetida.

Step 4

Mix it well. Now add salt and lemon, mix it then add sugar mix it for 2 3 min. now batter is ready.

Step 5

Grease the pan (I have used a cake pan) completely from inner side with oil so that batter does not stick to the bottom or corner of the pan. I don’t have any dhokla cooker so I take a large saucepan and filled with water approx 2’’. Now place a small bowl with half filled water as shown in the below pic:

Step 6

Boil the water, then add 1 tsp of eno into the batter and mix it well for 40-45 sec. The batter should become fluffy and soft.

Step 7

Transfer the batter into the greased pan.

Step 8

Place the pan in the small bowl and cover with the lid and steam over medium heat for about 15-18 min.

Step 9

After 15 -16 min check the doneness: insert the toothpick/knife if it comes out clean, dhokla is ready. If toothpick/knife has some batter on it then need to steam some more time. Now take out the pan from large saucepan and let it rest for 5 min,

Step 10

Meantime we can prepare the tempering. For tempering slit the green chilies. place another pan over medium heat. Add 1 tbsp of oil then add mustard seeds and let them crackle.

Step 11

Add curry leaves, stir it well and then add water.

Step 12

Add sugar and slitted green chilies.

Step 13

Add lemon juice and salt. Mix it well. Let it comes to boil.

Step 14

Now take out the dhokla into a flat plate and cut it into pieces as per your choice. Then pour the tempering evenly over the dhokla and let it rest for another 5-6 mins to absorb the water. Garnish with chopped cilantro and grated coconut powder.

Spongy dhokla is ready to serve with tea or coffee in the breakfast or as an evening snack.


 1. While preparing Batter, do not add all the water at the same time because water quantity depends on the besan quality, you might require little less or more water. I have added ¼ cup -1 tsp of water.

2. Make sure water is properly heated before placing the pan into the saucepan otherwise dhokla will take more time and dhokla would not be that spongy

3. Eno salt should be plain without any flavor.

4. Eno salt should be mixed very well otherwise will get uneven texture in the dhokla.

5. After adding eno salt, the batter should not rest for a long time else dhokla would not come soft & spongy.

6. Pan should bot be filled with batter more than 2/3 of the pan as once it starts to cook it will puff up.

7. Dhokla should be steamed over medium heat else inner part will not steam properly.


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