Greek yogurt/Hung Curd/ How to make Hung Curd

01 May, 2017
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  • Servings : 1 cup
  • Prep Time : 3-4 hrs

Hung curd is nothing but curd/yogurt drained off all extra water. Hung curd is very low in sugar, carbohydrate and high in protein. Hung curd is very versatile and can be used in many Indian preparations like desserts (shrikhand), starters (dahi kabab), Dips, Raitas, in marinating the paneer or cauliflower to make tikkas and substitute of mayonnaise in the sandwich. Even you can use this as cream cheese frosting.

Hung curd can be prepared two ways:

  1. Hung the curd/yogurt in the muslin cloth for 3 to 4 hrs. as required.
  2. Place the curd in muslin cloth lined strainer and keep in the refrigerator.

Both ways are good and give it smooth texture to hung curd but differ only in climate. Here in California weather, it’s not that hot so I prepared it by using hung the curd/yogurt on a hook in my kitchen wall and secondly I don’t have much space in my refrigerator. If the weather is hot then you should use the second option, which I will post in future for sure.


  • Curd/yogurt 2 cup
    Muslin cloth
    Plastic bag (optional)


Step 1

Take a plate and line with muslin cloth/ cheesecloth. Pour the fresh curd and bring all the edges together and make a knot with one edge. Covered it with a plastic bag so whey should not fell down rather collect in the plastic bag that can be used in kneading the dough and any gravy.

Step 2

Hang it over the kitchen hook if you have otherwise can hang in faucet over the sink or use a pushpin as I have used (as shown in the picture) for overnight. Next day once whey has separated from the curd and smooth and creamy,

Hung curd is ready for use. It can be used for 2 -3 days.


1. Always use the fresh curd; don’t use sour curd

2. Usually, hung curd takes 3 -4 hrs. to be ready but if you need more smoothness and thick then keep it overnight.

3. Don’t waste the whey, you can use it either kneading the dough or in any gravy as it contains a lot of protein.

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