Dal Bukhara/ITC-Maurya style Dal Bukhara/How to make Dal Bukhara

21 Apr, 2017
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  • Servings : 4
  • Prep Time : 7-8 hrs
  • Cook Time : 3 hrs

Dal Bukhara is one of famous North Indian dal, basically originated in ITC Maurya restaurant. This restaurant itself famous by his Dal name and called Bukhara –ITC Maurya. A very famous chef Manjit Gill mentioned that dal Bukhara comes from dal Makhani but both are not same.

Many people think Dal Bukhara and Dal Makhani is same but these are not same. Both have their own cooking method. As I have told in my earlier post (Dal Makhani), that In  Dal Bukhara we use less amount of cream and butter as compared to Dal Makhani so it's not heavy like Dal Makhani.

Dal Makhani is a combination of kidney beans (rajma) and black urad dal whereas dal Bukhara is made from only black urad dal.

Traditionally Dal Bukhara is cooked over a slow flame in the tandoor overnight in the restaurant and then, they never take it off the flame whereas Dal Makhani is cooked once in a day and then taken off the flame. When you order Dal Makhani they heat up again and usually add cream and serve. Since I don’t have tandoor nor a clay pot to cook so I didn’t cook mine in tandoor.  So I have pressure cooked the lentils first and then slowly simmered the lentils with tomato tempering for 2 hrs on low flame. You can use the slow cooker as well.

Like Dal Makhani, Dal Bukhara is also served with Naan or jeera rice.


  • Dal Urad/Black lentils ¾ cup
    Tomato Puree 1 ½ cup (2 large)
    Cloves 2
    Bay Leaf 1
    Cumin Seeds 1 tsp.
    Asafetida 2 pinch
    Ginger 1’’
    Garlic 4
    Green Chilies 1 no.
    Chopped Cilantro 1 tbsp.
    Turmeric Powder ¼ tsp.
    Cinnamon Stick 1 small
    Degi/Paprika powder 1 tsp.
    Coriander Powder 1 tsp.
    Fresh cream 2 tbsp.
    Butter 1 tbsp.
    Oil 1 tbsp.


Step 1

Wash the lentils couple of times and then soak it for 6-7 hrs. or overnight Drain the water and put the lentils in the pressure cooker. Add 3 times of water in lentils and pressure cook this about 15 -17 min over medium to high flame.

Step 2

Blend the tomatoes in the blender and make fresh ginger garlic paste in the mortar and pestle. Meanwhile, let us heat up the pan. Add 1 tbsp. of butter and 1 tbsp. of oil.

Step 3

Once the butter starts melting, add cumin seeds, asafetida, bay leave, cinnamon sticks and clove. When cumin seeds start cracking or it becomes aromatic then add ginger garlic green chilies paste.

Step 4

Saute for 1 min or until raw flavor of garlic goes away. Add tomato puree.

Step 5

Saute it 2 -3 min then add Turmeric powder, coriander powder, and degi red chili powder. When the pressure settles down on its own then open the lid.

Step 6

Lightly mash the boil lentils so that it become thicker. Saute the tomatoes mixture till masala ooze out excess oil.

Step 7

Transfer the boiled lentils in the pan and pour 2 cups of water and mix the lentils very well with the tomato mixture till it starts bubbles.

Step 8

Once lentils start bubbling then Simmer the flame and slow cook the lentils for at least 1 and a half hour to 2 hrs. (Don’t cover with lid). Meanwhile stir the lentils occasionally so that lentils don’t stick to the bottom of the pan. Simmer cook the lentils about 1 and a half hrs then add fresh cream and cilantro. Mix it well and let it cook another 5 -7 min on low flame then switched off the flame.

Serve Dal Bhukhara with naan or jeera rice and garnish with cilantro and ginger juliennes.


1. Water quantity depends on lentils quality or soaking time. 3 times water would be enough If you have soaked lentils overnight

2. Tomato puree: you can make fresh tomato puree by blend the tomatoes in the blender.

3. I have not added onion because of personal taste. We can add per taste.

4. We can also add just chopped tomatoes instead of tomato puree.

5. You can add water depending on the thickness of gravy we need.

6. You can adjust the flavor just before adding the cream.


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