Boondi Raita/How to make Boondi Raita

05 Oct, 2017
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  • Servings : 3 people
  • Prep Time : 5 min

Raita is the part of Northern Indian cuisine and available in various varieties like onion raita, cucumber Raita, Carrot raita, Lauki Raita, and much more. Raita is yogurt based side condiment dish serve with biryani, rice, Paratha, and poori.

Boondi raita is very popular and quick condiment, can be prepared quickly (less than 5 mins) if you have boondi handy. Boondi is made from chickpea flour, which is made into a batter and deep fried into tiny balls. Boondi looks like yellow pearls. Boondi raita is made from beaten yogurt, boondi, and few basic spices.

Seasoning: Raita can be seasoned with a variety of spices Roasted cumin powder and black salt is the main ingredient for every raita preparation.  Additionally, you can add Kasoori methi, Mint powder for different flavor. We can add red chili powder or black pepper for spiciness.

Boondi raita can be prepared in two ways: 1. Crispy boondi raita 2. Soggy boondi raita.

Some people like to soak boondi in the warm water so that it softens before adding to the beaten yogurt. But this process gives bland flavor in the raita. I always add crisp boondi in the beaten yogurt and seasoned with basic spice and chill it for a couple of minutes to make boondi to soften and let boondi soak spiced flavor completely.

Few people like crispy boondi raita (I like crispy boondi raita) so they add boondi into the beaten and seasoned yogurt just before serving.

Boondi Raita is served as a side condiment with Aloo Puri, Biryani, Pulao, stuffed parathas.


  • Crisp Boondi ½ cup (I have use salted)
    Yogurt 1 ¼ cup
    Black Salt ¼ tsp.
    Roasted Cumin powder ¼ tsp.
    Mint Powder 1/8 tsp.
    Red chilly powder 1/8 tsp.
    Cilantro for garnish
    Salt to taste
    Water as needed (optional) (I have added 4 tbsp)


Step 1

Add yogurt in a bowl. Whisk it till you get a smooth consistency. Add water if required. I have used store bought so need to add water to make watery consistency.

Step 2

Add Spice: red chilly powder, Mint powder, Roasted cumin powder, Salt and black salt. Mix it well.

Step 3

Add boondi and mix it. Add chopped cilantro and mix it.

Boondi raita is ready to serve. Serve right away if you like crisp boondi raita or keep in the refrigerator for 5-10 min If you like soggy (soft) boondi raita.


  1. 1. While using store bought boondi, make sure they are salted and unflavored. You can use mint flavor boondi also. Don’t add mint in the raita as mentioned in the recipe.
  2. 2. No need to add water If you using homemade yogurt.
  3. 3. You can add more water if you like watery raita.
  4. 4. Adjust the seasonings.

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